Laos (2 Jun 2001 - 12 Jun 2001)

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On the Mekong river (Huay Xai - Pak Beng - Luang Prabang)

Laos-1_030 Laos-1_028 Laos-2_005 Laos-2_008 Laos-2_015 Laos-2_016 Laos-2_017 Laos-2_018 Laos-3_002 Laos-3_003 Laos-3_004 Laos-3_005 Laos-3_006 Laos-3_011 Laos-3_013 Laos-3_018 Laos-3_021 Laos-3_023

Luang Prabang

Laos-4_001 Laos-8_016 Laos-8_017 Laos-8_018 Laos-7_017 Laos-7_018 Laos-6_005 Laos-10_003 Laos-10_008 Laos-10_009 Laos-10_012 Laos-10_017 Laos-10_018 Laos-10_019 Laos-7_005 Laos-7_006 Laos-7_007 Laos-7_008 Laos-7_013 Laos-7_014

Hmong Market

Laos-4_006 Laos-4_008 Laos-7_019 Laos-7_020 Laos-7_021

Wat Saen

Laos-4_011 Laos-4_016 Laos-4_017 Laos-4_018 Laos-4_020 Laos-4_021 Laos-5_002 Laos-5_003 Laos-5_014 Laos-5_024 Laos-6_001 Laos-6_002

Wat Xieng Thong

Laos-6_007 Laos-6_009 Laos-6_010 Laos-6_015 Laos-6_016 Laos-6_017 Laos-6_018 Laos-6_019 Laos-6_020

Other Wats

Laos-7_003 Laos-8_009 Laos-9_007 Laos-9_004

Royal Palace

Laos-8_002 Laos-8_005 Laos-8_006

Morning market, Thanon Kitsalat

Laos-9_010 Laos-9_011 Laos-9_012 Laos-9_013 Laos-9_014 Laos-9_015 Laos-9_020 Laos-9_021 Laos-9_024 Laos-9_025 Laos-9_027 Laos-9_028 Laos-9_029 Laos-9_031

Old Muang Ngoi

Laos-10_026 Laos-10_027 Laos-10_028 Laos-11_001 Laos-11_005 Laos-11_007 Laos-11_010 Laos-11_011 Laos-11_014 Laos-11_015 Laos-11_016 Laos-11_019 Laos-11_020 Laos-12_001 Laos-12_003 Laos-12_004 Laos-12_006 Laos-12_007 Laos-12_008 Laos-12_009 Laos-12_012 Laos-12_015 Laos-12_019 Laos-13_001 Laos-13_004 Laos-13_006

Nong Khiaw - UdomXai

Laos-13_009 Laos-13_013 Laos-13_015 Laos-13_016 Laos-13_017 Laos-13_019 Laos-13_020 Laos-13_022

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